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Chatmatic is chatbot software for Facebook Messenger. It is a useful platform to build your Facebook Messenger chatbot and launch it in a couple of minutes. But is it actually worth paying for? You will find out in this review!

I reviewed the Chatmatic software based on my post about how you can choose the best chatbot software.

User Interface

The interface of Chatmatic is really straightforward. On the left you have three menu options:

  1. Subscribers – Here you see anyone who interacted with your chatbot
  2. Campaigns – Here you make your campaigns, like automated follow-up messages or a landing page
  3. Engage – Here is where you build your actual chatbot


If we are going to start building our own chatbot, we can make multiple messages:


And when building your chatbot, it looks like this (example of a Welcome Message):


The interface is fine. If you compare it with interfaces of other chatbot software, it maybe is a little bit limited. You cannot see all your flows in one overview and there is also no drag and drop interface. You need to click on every element instead of dragging it, which seems less intuitive than other interfaces.

What seems a little odd to me, is that there is no option to preview the flows before actually publishing them. With this, you cannot double-check a flow if it’s totally working before you are publishing it for the whole world.

Overall, the interface could be much better. I did not succeed in making a chatbot in a few minutes. I made a Welcome Message (which is the first message the chatbot sends to a user when he engages with your chatbot) and I assumed that it would be immediately working. But when I tested the chatbot out, I got no Welcome Message whatsoever and I did not know how to make it work.

So the interface is easy to use, but to make the chatbot actually working on your Facebook page is really hard, if you compare it with other platforms (like Chatfuel, ManyChat and MobileMonkey) that make it easier.

  • Visual Flow Builder
  • Test chatbot
  • Interface easy to use?
  • Easy to setup a chatbot?

Chatbot elements

Chatmatic got enough elements to make your chatbot. It only lacks on Attachment, Lists, Validation and Location Sharing. The biggest drawback of those four is the validation part, because you cannot check whether a user has filled a properly formatted email or telephone number.

But, you got enough elements to make your own chatbot!

  • Delays
  • Images
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Attachments
  • Gallery (Horizontal list)
  • Vertical list
  • Emojis
  • Persistent Menu
  • Quick Replies
  • Buttons
  • Free text input
  • Location sharing
  • Email validation
  • Phone number validation
  • Date validation


It is possible in Chatmatic to assign custom fields and tags to users. However, you cannot use these custom fields and tags to create user segments. For example, you cannot send broadcasts only to users who have a certain tag assigned to them.

What is possible is that you send an automated follow-up message when the user gets a certain tag or gets a certain custom field.

  • Custom fields
  • Tags
  • User segments


With Chatmatic is possible to send broadcasts and sequences to your users. You can only send a broadcast to your complete audience (so not to parts of your audience). Moreover, you can send sequences when:

  • A user subscribes to a certain message
  • A user is assigned a certain tag
  • A user is assigned a custom field


The drawback of the interface of Chatmatic is that you need to make a different “follow-up message” for every step in the sequences. Yes, this sounds really weird, so let me explain. When you want to send message 1 after one day and message 2 after two days, you need to make two different follow-up messages in Chatmatic. This doesn’t give you a nice overview of your sequence:


Imagine that you want to make a sequence of 15 messages over a complete month, then you quickly lose sight of your sequence, because you only see the message names.

Moreover, you cannot use conditions in your chatbot or have a chatbot in multiple languages.

  • Broadcasts
  • Sequences
  • Conditions
  • Multiple languages
  • Easy to translate


With Chatmatic it is possible to make a response when a user types in certain keywords. But there is a drawback of their approach. It is not possible to match certain keywords with a certain flow.

So, for example when a user types in “hi” or “hello”, it seems reasonable to send the user to the Welcome Message of your chatbot. But this is not possible. In Chatmatic you need to make a different message per group of keywords and cannot match these keywords with a flow:


This becomes a drawback when you have a lot of keywords in your chatbot and don’t know precisely which keyword matches what. Then it becomes a lot of copy and paste work.

Moreover, it is not possible to work with Intents or Entities in Chatmatic.

  • Keywords
  • Intents
  • Entities
  • Dialogflow integration


With Chatmatic is it only possible to have a chatbot on Facebook Messenger and on your website.

For the website integration, you can add a website widget to your website so customers can communicate with your chatbot.

The use of only two channels is a potential drawback for companies who want to give an omni-channel chatbot experience to their customers.

  • Website
  • Facebook
  • SMS
  • Slack
  • Whatsapp
  • Telegram
  • Skype
  • Email


Chatmatic has a built-in livechat integration. Which is great, because this is the most important integration a chatbot software needs.

But this is also where it stops. They have no integrations with other software, like Zapier or Integromat. They do provide webhooks though, but this is a lot harder to make than a simple integration.

  • Livechat
  • Zapier
  • Integromat
  • Google Sheets
  • Webhooks


With Chatmatic it is possible to make a widget on your website, make a landing page, auto-reply to Facebook comments, create a button and make custom URLs for your chatbot. So they do quite well on this one.

There are only two drawbacks. First, you cannot connect your chatbot to Facebook Ads, which is a drawback for most people, because it is a method often used to get people towards your chatbot.

Second, you cannot use the One-Time Notification, which means that Chatmatic is not compliant with the latest Facebook policy. And this is a huge drawback for a chatbot software that is so focused on Facebook Messenger.

  • Facebook website widget
  • Native website widget
  • Landing pages
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook comments auto-reply
  • Button creator
  • Custom URLs for your chatbot


Maybe the most important part: Pricing!

And to be really honest to you: when I first started Chatmatic I felt a little bummed. Because when you click on “Free trial” on their website, this is the next window:


Immediately a commitment of 149$ per month. And yes, they provide a free trial, because the first month is free, but you immediately need to give your billing information (which I don’t like).

On this screenshot, it says that the monthly pricing is 149 dollars. But in the dashboard, it says that it is 97$. I really don’t know which one of those two is true, so I hope for the 97$.

But this is still a lot of money. And to my opinion, it is not actually worth it. For this kind of money, you expect a better interface, easier way to setup your chatbot, possibility to segment your users, leverage multiple platforms and more integrations with other software. If you compare this with the Chatfuels and the Manychats of the world, which start off with 15$ and 10$ per month (with more possibilities in their software), you should not even consider this one.

  • Free trial
  • Free plan
  • Price per month
  • Monthly pricing available?
  • Money back guarantee


With Chatmatic you have a dashboard with basic analytics, like the Sent messages and the open rate. It is really basic. You can see the total analytics of your chatbot:


Or you can see the analytics per chatbot flow:


As I already said, really basic. It is for example not possible to see the user input in your dashboard, so it is hard to improve the automated answers of your chatbot.

  • Dashboard
  • User input
  • User retention
  • Sent messages
  • Open rate
  • Click rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Fall back rate
  • Volunteer users
  • Custom dashboards/reports


Chatmatic does not have any eCommerce integrations whatsoever.

  • Payments
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Buy directly within the chatbot
  • Cart abandonment

Templates & Cloning

Chatmatic does have support for templates, but it is not easy to find them. You can go in a certain Facebook group in which the templates are shared. This seems really odd to me, because it would be way easier to just put them in the software.

Moreover, it is not possible to create templates yourself and it is not possible to duplicate your own chatbot flows or elements.

  • Templates
  • Make template
  • Share template
  • Duplicate chatbot flows
  • Duplicate chatbot elements


With Chatmatic it is not possible to do some kind of optimization, like A/B testing.

  • A/B Testing


I cannot find any tutorials or documentation on how to use the Chatmatic, which is a huge drawback. This can keep you of really understanding how to use the software.

Also, they do provide customer support via their own support desk, which you can access via the Chatmatic dashboard. I cannot decide over the quality of their support, but it does not seem really good. On Facebook there is a page Chatmatic Support, which is rated as 2.3/5 stars and shows the following:


  • Tutorials
  • Documentation
  • Customer support


So, should you buy this software?

My opinion: No, you shouldn’t.

As I already mentioned in the Pricing section, it is way too much money for the features that you get. For 97 dollars per month, you expect a better interface, easier way to set up your chatbot, the possibility to segment your users, leverage multiple platforms, more integrations with other software and better analytics.

And if you are getting stuck and you need some help, I honestly do not know if you can rely on their customer service…

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  1. Karen Jones

    I asked for a refund as the software did not function, they said wait for the updates so I did then it still did not work correctly. DO NOT BUY THIS SOFTWARE. Worst support plus they did not deliver what they said they would in the way of training. I will never ever buy from TRAVIS STEVENSON again as he is a total rip off merchant! Be warned!

    1. Joren Wouters

      Thanks for your sharing your experience, Karen!

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