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MobileMonkey is chatbot software primarily focused on Facebook Messenger. It is even the favorite Facebook Messenger marketing tool from Neil Patel, one of the most successful digital marketers in the world. Therefore, I decided to make a review about MobileMonkey.

For writing this review about MobileMonkey, I used the criteria of my post “How to choose the best chatbot software“.

User Interface

The interface of MobileMonkey is clean and gives a good overview. On the left side a menu is provided with the various functions of the MobileMonkey software:


What I really like about their dashboard, is when you log in, you will see the “10-minute chatbot checklist”:


In this checklist, you get a good overview of the tasks you can do in order to grow your chatbot experience.

For building your chatbot, MobileMonkey makes use of “Dialogues”. In each dialogue you can select a number of messages to show to the user, in order to make good conversations. An example of a dialogue is showing the products of your webshop. These dialogues can be divided into “Folders”, which you name yourself. Really nice feature to keep everything structured:


Using the dialogues in MobileMonkey, you can also refer from one dialogue to another. So after someone browsed through all of your products, maybe the person is interest in talking to a sales rep, so you can the customer to that dialogue.

What is also really useful is that in the right corner, they provide a button for support. Right from their interface, you have support from their chatbot. Really nice feature when you get stuck.

The only disadvantage about the interface is that you cannot test your chatbot in the interface. However, they do provide a link to messenger, in which you can test your chatbot in Facebook Messenger.

  • Visual Flow Builder
  • Test chatbot in the interface
  • Interface easy to use?
  • Easy to setup a chatbot?

Chatbot elements

MobileMonkey provides a wide range of elements to build your own chatbot.

They even have two extra elements, which are worth mentioning:

  1. Send an Email (Pro feature)
    With this element, you can automatically send an e-mail. This could be to the admin, this could be to a sales rep, or to the customer self. Really nice feature!
  2. Forms
    You can include a complete form within your chatbot.
  • Delays
  • Images
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Attachments
  • Gallery (Horizontal list)
  • Vertical list
  • Emojis
  • Persistent Menu
  • Quick Replies
  • Buttons
  • Free text input
  • Email validation
  • Phone number validation
  • Date validation



Within MobileMonkey it is really easy to add attributes and tags to users. You could ask a question to a user and the response of the user can be stored in an attribute. With these attributes and tags you can make user segments, called “Audiences”. Then you can send specific broadcasts to these users.

In MobileMonkey you have a good overview of all the leads you got through your chatbot and you can also see the specific details per lead:


  • Attributes
  • Location sharing
  • Tags
  • User segments



MobileMonkey provides broadcasts, campaigns and the subscribing/unsubscribing from campaigns. They also provide a logic & calculation feature, in which you can send specific messages to audiences. This is however a Pro feature, so you cannot use this in the free plan.

Also, just like many other chatbot software, MobileMonkey provides partial language support. It is possible to make a chatbot in any language. However, it is not easy to make a chatbot with Chatfuel with different languages at the same time (so for example English for English users and French for French users). It is possible though, but you need to do it manually (takes a lot of time and duplication) and default phrases (for example if someone is typing a wrong e-mail) cannot be translated.

  • Broadcasts
  • Campaigns
  • Subscribe / Unsubscribe from campaigns
  • Logic & Calculation
  • Multiple languages
  • Easy to translate


MobileMonkey only provides keyword recognition, in which it is also possible to group certain keywords together.

Intents and synonyms (for example) are however not possible.

  • Keywords
  • Intents
  • Entities


This is a big disadvantage of MobileMonkey. With MobileMonkey it is only possible to make a chatbot on Facebook Messenger. Omni-channel marketing becomes more important everyday, so it is unfortunate that MobileMonkey does not provide this possibility.

It is possible to add a widget to your website, but in order to really use the chatbot, the user need to log in to Facebook first. And there are a lot of people who do not like Facebook and therefore will never interact with your chatbot.

Next to Facebook and websites, it is also possible to send e-mails within your flows. However, it is not possible to make a complete e-mail flow.

  • Website
  • Facebook
  • SMS
  • Slack
  • Whatsapp
  • Telegram
  • Skype
  • Email


MobileMonkey has a built-in livechat integration, which is the most important integrations a chatbot software needs. Also, they have a mobile app for their livechat, so you can talk to your customers when you are on the go. Really good!

Next to livechat, MobileMonkey also provides an integration with Zapier, which allows you to connect your chatbot with every software on earth.

  • Livechat
  • Zapier
  • Integromat
  • Dialogflow
  • Google Sheets
  • Webhooks


For marketing, MobileMonkey provides extremely well. They provide every feature in the list, except for the button creator. But this does not matter much, because they do provide all the other features.

It is easy to put a widget on your website, make a landing page, connect your chatbot to Facebook ads, reply automatically to Facebook comments and create custom URLs which go to specific dialogues within your chatbot.

  • Facebook website widget
  • Native website widget
  • Landing pages
  • Facebook Ads
  • Sponsored Messages
  • Facebook comments auto-reply
  • Button creator
  • Custom URLs for your chatbot


MobileMonkey provides no free trial, but they do provide a free package. This free package has a lot of features, like:

  • Unlimited contacts
  • Templates
  • Campaign blaster (their name for campaigns)
  • 7 lead magnet tools
  • Segmentation
  • 1000 messages per month

What is also a big advantage of their free package, is that it does not come with Custom Branding. The only drawback of their free package, is that it does not provide analytics. But overall, a really good package for zero money.

The next pricing package costs 19$ per month for 36.000 subscribers per year, which also includes some extra features. Good packages for a fair price.

  • Free trial
  • Free plan
  • Price per month
  • Monthly pricing available?
  • Money back guarantee


MobileMonkey does provide analytics of your chatbot. But those analytics are really basic. They got a really straightforward dashboard, with graphs of your total contacts, new contacts, open rate, conversions and number of sessions:


In the section where you set your keywords to recognize, they also provide a section with “Unanswered questions”. Really useful when you are setting your keywords, so you can optimize your chatbot:


In general you could say that MobileMonkey provides basic analytics, but nothing more.

  • Dashboard
  • User input
  • User retention
  • Sent messages
  • Open rate
  • Click rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Fall back rate
  • Volunteer users
  • Custom dashboards/reports



MobileMonkey does not have integrations with any e-commerce software.
But, because of their integration with Zapier, it is possible to connect MobileMonkey with your e-commerce software (if that software has a Zapier integrations as well).

  • Payments
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Buy directly within the chatbot
  • Cart abandonment


It is not possible to do any optimization (like A/B testing) in MobileMonkey.

  • A/B Testing


MobileMonkey provides 23 templates, which are all free. Furthermore, they provide extensive tutorials on how to make chatbots. They also have proper documentation and customer support.

  • Templates
  • Tutorials
  • Documentation
  • Customer support



Do I get why Neil Patel chooses MobileMonkey as his favorite Facebook Messenger Marketing tool? Yes, I do.

MobileMonkey provides you with everything you need to build your chatbot on Facebook Messenger. From a livechat integration (with mobile app), to keyword recognition, to a lot of chatbot elements, to various tools to grow your chatbot. MobileMonkey has everything you need to start with chatbots.

But you need to read this conclusion carefully. Because it is Neil Patel’s favorite Facebook Messenger tool. MobileMonkey is primarily focused on this platform, but does not provide integrations with other huge platforms, like Twitter and WhatsApp. And this could be a huge disadvantage for companies who want to provide an omni-channel chatbot experience to their customers.

So, MobileMonkey is one of the best chatbot software for Facebook Messenger, but not for when you want to provide an omni-channel experience to your customers.

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