Lead Generation System Generate leads and convert them into customers

Generate leads, convert them into actual paying customers and get instant results by using chat automation.

Get instant results now

Get instant results with Chat Automation

Now you can generate leads and convert them into actual-paying customers using Chat Automation tactics and strategies that I have used for the past 3 years…

And I’ve boiled it down it down in a simple, easy-to-implement system so that you can get instant results, right away.

But first, I’d like to share a personal story.

3 years ago, I knew nothing about chatbots and chat automation.

Literally, nothing.

I had my own online marketing business, and was mainly using forms and email marketing to get leads and customers for my clients.

The results were decent, but as usually with forms and email marketing, they weren’t spectacular.

Get the lead on your email list, send them emails (money is in the list bla bla bla), I know you heard all the classics.

But with only 20% open rate and 4% click rate on your emails, you need a lot of leads and emails to create spectacular results.

I know there had to be something better.

And this is when chat automation came into my life.

80% open rates, 30% click rates, that sounded more like it.

But the problem was, how could I use it?

At that time, nobody even knew which chatbot platform to use.

Let alone having good strategies and systems on using chat automation.

So that’s why I decided to create these systems myself.

And the results blew my mind:


53% of all the people inside my chat automation flow gave their email!

Before, not even 5% gave their email when I asked for it. Now more than 50% did it.

It was huge. And that’s when I decided to go all-in on chat automation.

And it got me featured by large chatbot platforms, such as Chatfuel, MobileMonkey and Landbot.

So I introduce you to the Lead Generation System.

Inside this training, I share my system for generating leads and converting them into actual-paying customers.

And I’ve packaged it all into a simple, step-by-step system that anyone can follow.

So you don’t have to create a complete new funnel each time you want to get more leads.

But you can just use one template to create scalable chatbot funnels.

And I’m so convinced of the system, that I even give you a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Here’s what you can expect:

What's Included

ManyChat Template

Get started right away using my ManyChat template that I’ve used to generate hundreds of leads for my own business.


6 Training Videos

Get step-by-step instructions on how the Lead Generation System works and how you can implement it for your own business or your clients.

Start here
Choosing your Lead Magnet
Lead Generation Funnel
Using Building Blocks
Creating the Chat Automation
Extending to other channels

Online Learning Platform

Get access to my online learning platform, and learn my chatbot strategies wherever you are, whenever you want, on any device. 


Private community

Get access to a private community of like-minded chat automation enthusiasts. 


Go Pro: Create personalized dashboards

If you want to step up your chat automation game and impress colleagues and clients with personalized dashboards of your funnels, this is exactly what you need:

Dashboard System + Template

Get my system on how to create dashboards for your chatbot funnels.


2 extra videos

Learn how to use my Dashboard System and create personalized dashboards for your business or your clients.

Dashboard System
Creating the Dashboard

My 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I’m so confident that my system will help you to generate leads and convert them into actual-paying customers, that I’m standing behind it with a 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee.

You get 30 days to get through all the materials and if you are not satisfied I will refund every penny!

What others say about Joren

Joren is a true chatbot rockstar. His knowledge when it comes to Manychat and chatbot flows is incredibly high. If you are looking for someone to create or edit your chatbot flows, look no further.
Enrique Juan
Founder Tiritacase
Joren has helped me every step of the way with creating my chatbot. From choosing the right software, to creating the chatbot flows and even optimizing the copywriting inside my chatbot. He is an expert and would recommend him to anyone.
Duco Biemans
Habit Coach
Joren is a chatbot expert with great expertise creating useful conversational flows for multiple bot builders platforms, using AI and even more complex integrations with 3rd party systems. He has strong communication skills and his tutorials are very instructive and useful for the bot builders community.
Daian Gan
Conversational Developer

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Generate leads, convert them into actual-paying customers and get instant results with chat automation.

Lead Generation System
ManyChat Template
6 Training Videos
Private community
Lifetime access & free updates
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Lead Generation System Pro
ManyChat Template
Dashboard System + Template
8 Training Videos
Private community
Lifetime access & free updates
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You're covered by a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

“How long will I get access to the course?”

You will get lifetime access to the course. You can start whenever you want, finish whenever you want and rewatch everything as often as you’d like.

“I’m a beginner! Is this course right for me?”

Yes! With this course, you will learn how you can create scalable chatbot funnels that will generate leads and customers for you.

Instead of figuring this all out by yourself, you will get a step-by-step that you can use instantly to create results with chat automation.

“Do I need any ManyChat experience?”

Yes, but you don’t need to be a ManyChat expert. You just need some basic ManyChat experience.

You need to know what it is, how you can use the flow builder and the general concepts of ManyChat.

If you don’t have that yet, please check out the free video course on the ManyChat website:

Free ManyChat Course

If you’ve followed this course, come back here and follow the steps in this course!

“Is this course only focused on Facebook Messenger?”


My template is created on Facebook Messenger, because it is the most advanced channel. It has the most opt-ins and the most advanced features.

But in the sixth video, I will show you how you can extend this to other channels, such as Instagram, WhatsApp and Telegram.


“Is this course only for ManyChat?”

Yes and No!

The template that I created is for ManyChat. And the reason why I used ManyChat is because it is one of the largest chatbot platforms in the world and it is really easy to use.

However, the tactics that I use in this course can be used on any platform.


“What is your refund policy?”

I give a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

This means that you can go through all the materials and if you are not satisfied, I will pay back any penny.


Have another question?

Just shoot me an email here!


Meet your instructor: Joren Wouters

I help people with creating chatbots for their business.

You probably heard of chatbots or maybe you already using one.

But the fact is that many businesses don’t understand how to use chatbots to their full potential.

They are wasting time and money on chatbots that don’t give any results.

I am here to help you with building chatbots that lead to results.

So instead of wasting time & money and using ineffective strategies, you will get a
chatbot that has a huge impact on your business.

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