Skinive: a chatbot to analyze yourself on skin diseases

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Skinive: a chatbot to analyze yourself on skin diseases

Usually, when I talk about chatbots, I talk about them from a business perspective. I look at improving sales or decreasing costs. But with Skinive it is totally different, we do not talk about business, but we talk about saving lives.

Skinive is a chatbot in which you can analyze yourself for skin diseases. Want to know what it precisely is, how it works and what it is going to do? Discover it in this article!

What is Skinive?

Skinive is a chatbot in which you can analyze your own skin for 30 skin diseases.

It uses AI technology to analyze pictures of skin and gives an immediate result whether you have a high threat to certain diseases.

Next to telling you if there is a threat to a certain disease, it also tells you whether you need to go to a certain expert and when your next scheduled check should be. So it really allows you to self-diagnose your skin on skin diseases.

In total, Skinive does the following skin checks:

  • 6 types of Acne
  • Bening formations (moles, angioma, dermatofibroma, etc.)
  • Skin virus (warts, papilloma, molluscum)
  • Pre-cancer formations (blue & dysplastic nevus, keratosis, bouen, etc.)
  • Skin cancer (melanoma & lentigo, bcc, scc, etc.)

Currently, you can use Skinive through Facebook Messenger and Telegram.


How does Skinive work?

You can use Skinive in just 3 simple steps:

  1. Take a picture of your skin
  2. Send it to the Skinive chatbot
  3. Get the results


1. Take a picture of your skin

You can just take a picture of your skin using your mobile phone.

You do not use cameras of fancy equipment to do this, the quality of your mobile phone is fine.


2. Send it to the Skinive chatbot

Go to the Skinive website or directly go to their chatbot and upload the picture of your skin.

It is just a simple as sending a picture to your friend.


3. Get the results

Once you uploaded the picture to the chatbot, you get an immediate result back.

It looks like this:



So Skinive gives you a threat level, the class of objects, the type of object and the next scheduled check.

Also, it gives you advice on which specialists you could see to get an exact diagnosis. So it is not a replacement for specialists, but more like an enhancement.


First time saving someone’s life

At the Emerge Conference in 2019, held in Belarus, Skinive presented itself as a startup. Out of curiosity, one participant at the conference tested the application, which resulted in detecting melanoma with a high risk of pre-cancer form. Later, the same day, a doctor confirmed the diagnosis: there was a high risk.

But because the disease was detected at an early stage, everything would be fine and the patient got the right treatment on time. This was one of the first examples of Skinive saving someone’s life, which is just incredible.


The future of Skinive

Currently, Skinive is a startup with 11 employees working on their business. In order to grow, they became part of the Rockstart AI Accelerator program, which is a program were 10 startups through whole Europe are helped by Rockstart to further build their businesses. Rockstart helps them with building and refining the product, talking to mentors and connecting with potential customers and investors.

Moreover, Skinive will launch an update in May which would result in that you can scan yourself for 50 skin diseases (instead of 30 diseases). The essential goal (for now) is to include the 150 most common skin diseases in their application. In May they will already be on one third, which is pretty much.

Last but not least, Skinive wants to put their chatbot on more channels. Currently, their chatbot is available on Facebook Messenger and Telegram, but they want to expand these. Also, they are now busy with making an Android and iOS app, which makes it possible to have Skinive always on your phone.

All in all, really interesting developments and I think we will hear a lot about Skinive in the future!

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