Walletly: Send coupons and loyalty cards with your chatbot

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Walletly: Send coupons and loyalty cards with your chatbot

Do you have a local store and want to grow your sales? Then you really need Walletly.

It is software in which you can send coupons and loyalty cards through your chatbot.
Do you want to know how Walletly works? Discover it in this article!

Let’s dive in!

What is Walletly?

With Walletly you can send coupons and loyalty cards through your chatbot. Next to coupons and loyalty cards, you can also use appointment bookings, event tickets, membership passes and business cards.

The benefit of Walletly is that it is fully integrated with other chatbot software, such as ManyChat, Chatfuel, MobileMonkey and Active Chat.

This means that information like the amount of money someone spent with a coupon and how many times a person used a coupon can be sent back to your chatbot software. You can then use this information to segment your audience and sending specific content tailored to the user.


So how does Walletly work?

First, you need to connect Walletly with your chatbot software. They have several integrations, but the easiest integration is with ManyChat. Other integrations are still possible, but harder to make.

Next, you can make a coupon or loyalty card in Walletly and send them through your chatbot to your audience. Making a coupon or loyalty card is extremely easy in which you only have to fill in a form:


When you have made the coupon in Walletly, you can send the coupon out through your chatbot. For example, for a local coffee store, you can make a message like “Do you want 20% off your coffee today? Use this coupon!”:


When the user clicks on that message, the user will go the coupon and then can choose to add the coupon to their wallet (e.g. the iOS Wallet app):



So now the user has the coupon in their wallet and they can show the coupon to the cashier in the local store. The cashier can then scan that coupon with the WalletScan app and determine the discount:



If you want to see this all in action, click the button below!


Use follow-up notifications to engage your audience

Sending coupons and loyalty cards to your audience is awesome, but this is not where it stops.

When someone has a loyalty card or coupon in their Wallet app, you can send them push notifications via the Wallet app on their phone. So you can send notifications like “This 20% coupon is expiring in only two days. Use it!”.

Now, you are probably like “Can you send push notifications through a Wallet app?” (was also my first response), but yes, that is possible, which makes it very useful to use Walletly.

Walletly is now especially useful because of the changing facebook regulations in which you cannot send a message outside the 24-hour window. With Walletly you can send push notifications through the Wallet app, so all the Facebook policies do not apply there.


Is someone around your store? Send them a push notification

This is one of the most awesome features of Walletly and it is called “iBeacon”.

When someone is within 100 meters of your store, you can send them an automatic notification with something like: “Hey you are nearby. Make use of your 20% coupon for a cup of coffee”.

This is extremely useful for nearby customers who are just walking by. Sending them a push notification when they are nearby is extremely tailored to them, so the chances of them coming in are really high.


Analyze your campaigns with the Analytics dashboard

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the money: How much is our Return on Investment (ROI)?

With Walletly you can analyze the results of all your campaigns in one Analytics dashboard, in which you can see:

  • How many offers there are given to customers
  • How many offers are accepted
  • How many coupons are redeemed
  • The average offer conversion
  • How much money was spent per campaign
  • Customers per weekday
  • Spending by day of the week
  • Amount of coupons per campaign
  • Customers by month
  • Spending by day of the month

With all these useful analytics, you can determine the ROI of your campaign and can decide which campaigns are giving you the best return on investment. Really useful!




Only for local businesses? Certainly not!

Walletly is mainly targeted for local businesses, but can be used by any kind of business.

You can also use Walletly for webinars, event tickets, appointment bookings and membership passes. So Walletly is also interesting for non-local businesses.

And you can even use it for your eCommerce store. However, this integration is not fully made yet, you can use the coupons of Walletly to use as coupons of your eCommerce store.



Walletly is an app that you can integrate with your chatbot software to create coupons and loyalty cards for your local store to increase sales. With a seamless integration with any Wallet app, you can create coupons, send automated push notifications and even send messages when customers are nearby.

But it does not stop there, because you can use Walletly for webinars, event tickets, appointment bookings, membership passes and business cards. So it can be used by a lot of different businesses.

And the best of all: you can track all the results of your campaigns in one dashboard!


What is coming

I talked to the co-founder and CMO of Walletly, Rupert Samuel, and he told me two things:

  1. A Shopify/WooCommerce integration is coming in 4-6 months. So then Walletly becomes even more interesting for eCommerce stores!
  2. A Zapier integration is on the way, which make it possible to connect Walletly to every chatbot software in the world and a lot of other software programs (such as your CRM)

These changes seem really promising in which you can even get a higher ROI on your marketing campaigns!

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