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  • Create and improve chat automations that deliver actual results for your business
  • Choosing the right chatbot platform for your needs
  • One-on-one chatbot training

    What others say about Joren

    Joren is a true chatbot rockstar. His knowledge when it comes to Manychat and chatbot flows is incredibly high. If you are looking for someone to create or edit your chatbot flows, look no further.
    Enrique Juan
    Founder Tiritacase
    Joren has helped me every step of the way with creating my chatbot. From choosing the right software, to creating the chatbot flows and even optimizing the copywriting inside my chatbot. He is an expert and would recommend him to anyone.
    Duco Biemans
    Habit Coach
    Joren is a chatbot expert with great expertise creating useful conversational flows for multiple bot builders platforms, using AI and even more complex integrations with 3rd party systems. He has strong communication skills and his tutorials are very instructive and useful for the bot builders community.
    Daian Gan
    Conversational Developer

    Meet your instructor: Joren Wouters

    I help people with creating chatbots for their business.

    You probably heard of chatbots or maybe you already using one.

    But the fact is that many businesses don’t understand how to use chatbots to their full potential.

    They are wasting time and money on chatbots that don’t give any results.

    I am here to help you with building chatbots that lead to results.

    So instead of wasting time & money and using ineffective strategies, you will get a
    chatbot that has a huge impact on your business.

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