How I Automated 2,144 Questions Within 30 Days


“Joren you are an absolute genius!”

Amberlea Henriques, Founder & CEO of AdSocial
Named a "Disruptive Marketer" by Facebook.

Don't know how to use chatbots in your marketing?

  • check-icon Heard of chatbots, but no idea how to use them?
  • check-icon Want to use chatbots, but don't know where to start?
  • check-icon Don't know what chatbot platform to use?
  • check-icon You know the basics of chatbots, but want something more advanced?

Don’t worry. At Chatimize, we help you to create chatbots for your business.


About Joren Wouters

I help people to use chatbots in their marketing.

You probably heard of chatbots or maybe you already using one.

But the fact is that many businesses don’t understand how to use chatbots to their full potential.

They are wasting time and money on chatbots that don’t give any results.

I am here to help you with building chatbots that lead to results.

So instead of wasting time & money and using ineffective strategies, you will get a
chatbot that has a huge impact on your business.

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