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What I noticed...

Last year, I finished my research on the subject of chatbots. During this research, I got a lot of experience with chatbots experts, chatbots companies and how to use chatbots. What I noticed were three things:

  1. Mostly designers talk about chatbots, this is not particularly a bad thing, but most business people do not understand the value of chatbots.
  2. A lot of chatbot software companies talk about chatbots on their platformThey do not talk about chatbots in general and the value of them, but more the value of their platform (which is not always that good).
  3. Nobody has a clue where chatbots are going. But IT IS THE NEXT BIG THING.

Because of these three reasons, I started Chatimize. 

A blog that is focusing on the value of chatbots, what they are, how to make them, which software to use and lots more.

Why should you start with chatbots?

Chatbots are the NEXT BIG THING.

They can help you to do your customer service. They can increase your sales. They can qualify your leads. They can do all that, and lots more.

But, the best of all: They are 24/7 online. Your customers can use them whenever they want, wherever they are.

And people are willing to use them. The biggest four messenger platforms surpassed the biggest four social media platforms in monthly active users.

Also, people are willing to use chatbots, as long as they get good help. As long as the chatbot helps them to get the job done.

These are some of the reasons why you should start with chatbots. But, first things first… What is a chatbot? 

What is a chatbot?