Skinive: a chatbot to analyze yourself on skin diseases

Usually, when I talk about chatbots, I talk about from a business perspective. I look at improving sales or decreasing costs. But with Skinive it is totally different, we do not talk about business, but we talk about saving lives.

Skinive is a chatbot in which you can analyze yourself for skin diseases. Want to know what it precisely is, how it works and what it is going to do? Discover it in this article!

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Most Searched Chatbot Brands Worldwide in 2019

There are hundreds of chatbot software brands out there and it seems like every day there are coming more.

But which chatbot software brands are the biggest?

To figure this out, I looked at how many times each chatbot software brand is Googled in 2019. In total, I analyzed 116 chatbot software brands and 189 different countries.

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Searches to ‘chatbot’ around the world in 2019

Chatbots become more popular every day. More and more businesses are using them and many people think one day every business will have a chatbot.

But, how popular are chatbots really? Like, what are the actual numbers?

To figure this out, we looked at how many times the word ‘chatbot’ is Googled in 2019.
Here are the results.

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How to build an eCommerce chatbot: The Ultimate Guide (2020)

Do you have an online store and want to increase your sales?

Then you need to follow this guide.

This is the ultimate guide to build your own eCommerce chatbot in 2020.

In this guide I will show you:

  • How to attract customers to your chatbot
  • What the content of your eCommerce chatbot should be (including free ready-to-use templates!)
  • How to reengage users to your chatbot

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What is Facebook’s One-Time Notification and how you can use it

Recently, Facebook changed its policy of Facebook Messenger, in which you become more restricted in building your chatbot flows. I published a ready-to-use free cheatsheet for it, so you are 100% compliant with their new policy.

But of course, the Facebook community was not happy with this new policy, so Facebook is going to launch the One-time Notification API, which gives you more possibilities within Facebook Messenger.

In this post, I will talk about this new API, what it is and how you can use it to deliver a better user experience on Facebook Messenger!

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How to comply with Facebook Messenger policy in 2020

Recently, Facebook has changed their policy regarding Facebook Messenger, causing you to change your chatbot flows in order to comply with the new regulations.

These new regulations are made to enhance the user experience of Facebook users and allows you to think twice about the user experience you are delivering.

In this post I will talk about these new changes and gives you a hands-on cheatsheet so you can comply with the new regulations!

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Will chatbots replace humans? Hell No.

The use of chatbots is growing rapidly. Many organizations are exploring ways in how they can use chatbots in order to improve the customer experience. With more and more organizations using chatbots everyday, an important question arises: "Will chatbots replace humans?"

In this blogpost, I will give an answer to that particular question. But the conclusion?
Hell No.

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How do chatbots work?

It is no secret that chatbots can have a huge positive impact on your business.

In fact, they can automatically qualify your leads, boost your sales or reduce your costs.

They are extremely useful and important, and in this guide I will show you how chatbots work.

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