How To Create AI Instagram Chatbot in 2024


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Having trouble answering all your Instagram messages or want to convert your Instagram followers into loyal buyers?

Then an Instagram chatbot is all you need. And in this tutorial, I will explain how to create one yourself, without any code.

I will cover:

  • What Instagram Chatbots are
  • How to make your own Instagram chatbot for free
  • And how you can add AI to your Instagram bot

And you'll get my FREE template so you don't have to build it yourself, and you can just copy-and-paste it..

If you're thinking about creating an Instagram Chatbot, you'll find this guide super helpful.


What is an Instagram Chatbot?

An Instagram Chatbot is a program that automatically replies to messages and comments on Instagram. Here’s what it can do:

  • It can automatically send direct messages to your followers who comment on your posts. This is a great way to engage directly and personally with people interested in your content.
  • The chatbot can answer questions about your business quickly, providing instant information to your followers.
  • It’s also a handy tool for marketing, as it can inform people about new products or special deals, working around the clock as your marketing assistant.

These chatbots are incredibly beneficial for businesses, helping to boost sales, generate new leads, and automate customer support, all without needing constant human oversight.

Example of an Instagram Chatbot

Here’s an example of an Instagram Bot on Jenna Kutcher’s Instagram account.

Jenna Kutcher is an online business coach and New York Times best selling author with over 1 million followers on Instagram:

Instagram Profile of Jenna Kutcher

And as you can see from her bio, you can DM her “LEVEL UP” to talk with her chatbot:

Example of the Instagram Bot of Jenna Kutcher

Example of the Instagram Bot of Jenna Kutcher

Jenna Kutcher uses her Instagram Bot to convert her followers into leads using a quiz, which is a great example.

How to Make a Free Instagram Bot in 2024

Setting up an Instagram DM Bot for your business is super easy. Here’s how you can do it in 4 steps:

Step 1: Connect your Instagram account to a Facebook Page

The first step is to connect your Instagram account to a Facebook Page.

If you don’t have a Facebook Page yet, you can follow the steps in this tutorial to create one.

Once you have created your Facebook Page, click on Settings at the left:

Click on Settings of your Facebook Page in the left menu

And click on Linked Accounts in the left menu:

Click on Linked Accounts in your Facebook Page Settings

Here, you can click on Connect account and connect your Instagram account to your Facebook Page:


Step 2: Create a Free Manychat Account

To create our Instagram chatbot, we are going to use Manychat.

Manychat is one of the best chatbot platforms for Instagram. I have used it for the last 4 years for all of my clients. I use them because it is:

  • Easy to use: Manychat is simple, you don’t need to code. You can just drag and drop blocks to build your chatbot.
  • 100% Meta-Approved: So you don’t risk getting banned on Instagram
  • Cheap: They offer a free plan and their paid plans already start at $15/month.

So as your next step, just click the button below to create your Free Manychat account:

Create Free Manychat Account

This will bring you to the Manychat website, where you need to click on Get Started Free:


Select Instagram:

Link your Isntagram account to Manychat

And log in with your Facebook account:

Continue with your Facebook account to log in to Manychat

Once you are logged in, Manychat will verify your email address and will ask you to log in to your Instagram account.

When you have done this, you can eventually connect Manychat to one of the Instagram accounts you are an admin of:


And now you have successfully connected your Instagram account to Manychat!

Step 3: Set Manychat as your Instagram Receiver

The next step you need to do, is set up Manychat as your Instagram receiver.

This step is essential. Otherwise, not all Manychat’s features will work on your Instagram account.

You need to go to your Facebook Page and click on Manage:

Click on Manage your Facebok Page

Click on Page access in the left menu:

Set up Page Access of your Facebook Page

Click on Advanced Messaging:

Click on Advanced Messaging

Then, click on Configure next to the Instagram Receiver:

Configure the Instagram Receiver in your Facebook Page settings

And select Manychat:

Set Manychat as the Instagram receiver

By doing this, you basically tell Instagram that you want Manychat to handle all your incoming messages.

Step 4: Create your Instagram DM Automation

Now that we have connected our Instagram account to Manychat, we can start with creating our first Instagram DM Automation.

To automatically reply to messages on Instagram, we need to go to Automation and add a New Automation:

Add a New Automation in Manychat

Each automation in Manychat starts with a trigger, which is an event that starts the automation.

And we want to start the automation when someone asks a specific message to us.

To do this, we can click on Add trigger:

ManyChat Add Trigger button

Select Instagram and choose for User sends a direct message with a Keyword:

Add trigger in Manychat when someone sends you a Direct Message with a Keyword.

Let’s say, we are creating a chatbot for an eCommerce business and we want to automatically reply to messages about our return policy.

Then, we need to set it to Message contains return and add a Message Condition:

Instagram keyword containing return in Manychat

And set the Message Condition to message contains policy, so it looks like this:

Instagram keyword containing return and policy in Manychat

And then we can determine our automatic response to this question, which will be:

At EcommerceBizz you always have the option of returning your order within 14 days after delivery. Make sure that the products have not been worn and have all tags attached when they are returned.

Return policy answer in an Instagram automation with Manychat

So now, every time someone messages you about the return policy, Manychat will automatically reply to it.

And after you gave an answer to a question, you always need to ensure a good customer experience. So you want to check if the chatbot actually answered their question.

To do this, we can add another message to our Instagram DM Automation:

Does that answer your question?

And we can add two quick replies: Yes, it does! and No, I need help:

Verify your bot's answer on Instagram with Manychat

Quick replies in Manychat are buttons where people can click on in the Instagram DM.

So if someone clicks on the first button, we will thank them.

But if they click on the No button, we will connect them with one our support agents:

Verify if you answered the question on Instagram with Manychat

And this is great about Manychat. Manychat has a built-in live chat that you can use to forward a conversation to a human. And then a support agent can answer any questions your Instagram followers has.

To forward a conversation to an agent, we need to add the Actions block to our automation:

Add action to your Instagram automation in Manychat

Within this block, we need to add three actions.

First, you need to click on + Action, choose for Live Chat and select the Mark Conversation as Open:

Add the action Mark Conversation as Open in Manychat

In Manychat, you have two types of conversations:

  1. Closed Conversations – handled by your chatbot
  2. Open Conversations – handled by your agents

By opening the conversation, it will be handled by your agents.

The next step is to assign the conversation to a specific team member.

Just add another action, click on Live Chat again and select Assign Conversation:

Add the action Assign Conversation in Manychat

Here, you can select a group of members or a specific team member. In this case, I will just assign myself:

Assign the conversation to a specific team member or group

And lastly, we can notify the person that is assigned. By doing this, that agent will get an automatic email from Manychat.

So you can add another action, choose for Live Chat and click on Notify Assignee:

Add the Notify Assignee action in Manychat

Now, your automation should look like this:

Final Instagram automation in Manychat

And that’s it! So now you only need to click on Set Live in the upper-right corner and your Instagram Chatbot is working!

Set your automation live in Manychat

And now you can basically set up an automation for each question you want to automatically answer via with your Instagram Bot.

Or you can use AI to automatically answer question with your Instagram Bot.

How to Add AI to your Instagram Chatbot

The next step is to add AI to your Instagram Bot.

By adding AI, your chatbot will become much smarter and can answer more questions automatically. It can:

  • Train itself on your data: your AI chatbot can train itself on your website or internal documents, and answer questions about them automatically
  • Answer complex questions: Instead of replying to simple words, it can understand complete sentences (no matter how you ask them)
  • Learn automatically: an AI chatbot gets better with each conversation because it learns from past experiences

This means customers get fast, smart help, making them happier. Happy customers are more likely to shop and come back. So, AI chatbots are great for people needing help and businesses wanting to grow on Instagram.

To add AI to our Instagram Chatbot, we will be using Chatbase, because Manychat doesn’t have built-in AI.

Chatbase is an AI tool that you can train on your own data, such as your website and documents. And it already starts at $19 a month, which is really cheap.

So just click on the button below to create your Chatbase account:

Create Chatbase account

Once you have created your account, you can click on New Chatbot:

Create a new chatbot in Chatbase

And upload the document you want to train the chatbot on:

Upload a document to Chatbase

For this tutorial, I will be using a knowledge base document of an eCommerce business, containing information about returns, delivery and warranty (which is part of my free template).

Important: You can also train your Chatbase chatbot on text, website URLs, questions and answers and even your Notion account. In this tutorial, I will be just using the File option.

And then click on Create chatbot to create your Chatbase chatbot:

Create your chatbot in Chatbase

Once your chatbot is created, you can immediately talk to it in Chatbase:

Talking to your chatbot in Chatbase that is trained on your own data

Now that we’ve created the chatbot in Chatbase, the next step is to connect it to Manychat.

Basically, every time a user asks a question in Manychat, we need to send that question to Chatbase.

Then, Chatbase answers the question for us and we can send the answer back to Manychat.

To create this integration, we are going to use Make.

Make is an integration platform we can use to connect applications with each other. In this case, we will be using it to connect Manychat to Chatbase.

Just click the button below to create your Make account and get 30 Days Make Pro for free (only if you click the button!):

Get 30 Days Make Pro for Free

This might sound like a lot, but I actually have a step-by-step tutorial on how you can set up the integration between Manychat and Chatbase via Make:

In this tutorial, I will not explain this integration in detail, but we will be using it to create our AI Instagram Chatbot.

So let’s use it in Manychat.

In Manychat, go to Settings and click on Instagram:

Default Reply settings for Instagram in Manychat

Here, you will find the Default Reply. The Default Reply is the automation that is sent when no other automations is triggered in Manychat.

Just click on Select Existing and select the Default Reply automation that is part of my free template. It looks like this:

Default Reply AI Automation for Instagram in Manychat

There are some important things with this automation. It starts with the Default Reply trigger and this must be set to Every time:

Default Reply settings for Instagram in Manychat

This ensures that this automation is sent every time someone asks a question.

Also, I have enabled the Skip story replies, because story replies are often not related to questions and don’t have to be answered by AI.

Secondly, we are saving the Last Text Input to a custom field called “Chatbase – Question”.

And lastly, we are triggering Make to send the question to Chatbase.

In Make, we are using the following scenario:

Manychat and Chatbase Integration via


This scenario works in 4 steps:

  1. First, it gets the data from Manychat
  2. Then, it sends the question to Chatbase and Chatbase gives the answer to the question
  3. Next, we story the answer from Chatbase in a Manychat field (called “Chatbase – Answer”)
  4. And lastly, we are sending an automation in Manychat 

This automation is also part of my free template and looks like this:

Instagram automation giving the answer of Chatbase in Manychat

Here, we give the answer to the user’s question and ask if we answered their question.

If we didn’t answer it correctly or the user has more questions, we will connect them with a live chat agent.

Now, you only have to click on Set Live and your Instagram AI chatbot is live!

Example of Auto Reply message in Instagram with AI

Free AI Instagram Chatbot Template

And that’s it! That’s how you create an AI Instagram chatbot in 2024.

And if you just fill in the form below, you will get my Instagram Chatbot Template for free 👇


Your Next Steps

And that’s it! That’s how you can create an Instagram AI chatbot in 2024.

But there’s actually much more that you can do with your Instagram Bot.

For example, you can also automatically send a DM when someone comments on an Instagram Post:

And if you want to get more familiar with Manychat, I also have an Instagram Beginner Course that you can find over here.

And as always, if you have any questions on creating Instagram Chatbots or using Manychat, please leave a comment below and I will reply as soon as possible!

Types of Instagram Chatbots

Instagram Story Responder Bots

These bots chat with people who reply to your Instagram stories. They’re like having a quick helper who answers right away when someone sends a message about your story.

DM (Direct Message) Bots for Answering FAQs

DM bots are like your own info desk inside Instagram. They answer common questions fast. Ask them something like “When do you close?” and they’ll give you the answer right away.

Chatbots for Order Placement and Product Recommendations

These bots are like smart shop assistants. They help customers pick and buy products. Tell them what you’re looking for, and they’ll suggest the best stuff or help you place an order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can create Instagram Chatbots?

Only Instagram Business Accounts and Instagram Creator accounts (with less than 500K followers) can create Instagram DM Bots.

If you currently have a personal account, just go to the Instagram app (it does not work on desktop), go to your profile and click on the menu bar at the top-right:

Click on the Menu bar on your Instagram profile

Click on Settings and privacy:

Click on Settings and Privacy

And then go to “For professionals” and click on Account type and tools:

Click on Account Types and tools under "For professionals"

And click on Switch to professional account:

Switch your Instagram account to a professional account

What if I don’t see my account in the Manychat list of Instagram Accounts?

If you don’t see your Instagram account when connecting Instagram to Manychat, there could be multiple reasons:
  1. Your Instagram account is not connected to a Facebook Page
  2. You are not an admin of the Instagram Account and/or Facebook Page

If you fix these two things, your Instagram account should show up in Manychat.

Why Should Businesses Use Instagram Chatbots?

Businesses should use Instagram chatbots because they help answer customer questions quickly, can sell products, and work all day and night. This means happier customers and more sales.

What Features Should I Look for in an Instagram Chatbot?

Look for an Instagram chatbot that can talk to customers naturally, understand different questions, send helpful answers, and show your products or services. It’s good if it can learn from chats to get better over time.

Can Instagram Chatbots Improve Customer Engagement?

Yes, Instagram chatbots can improve customer engagement. They talk to customers right away, keep them interested, and can even send them updates or special offers, making customers more likely to stay connected with your brand.

Are Instagram Chatbots Suitable for E-commerce?

Instagram chatbots are great for e-commerce. They can show products, help customers shop, answer questions about orders, and even handle simple problems. This makes shopping easy and fun for customers.

Can Small Businesses Benefit from Instagram Chatbots?

Small businesses can really benefit from Instagram chatbots. They help handle customer chats without needing a lot of staff, save time, and can even help make more sales, all of which are super helpful for smaller companies.

Is It Possible to Personalize Interactions Using Instagram Chatbots?

Yes, it’s possible to personalize interactions using Instagram chatbots. They can use a customer’s name, remember past chats, and suggest products based on what the customer likes, making each chat feel special and personal.

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