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In this tutorial, I am going to show you how you can automatically send someone a DM when they comment on one of your Instagram posts or reels. Basically, we are going to create our own Instagram Comment Bot.

I will show you how to:

  • Create an Instagram Chat Funnel that generates more leads from Instagram, on auto pilot
  • Boost the engagement of your Instagram account
  • And how you can set up the automated funnel yourself

And I will even give you FREE template, so you can just copy-and-paste-it, and don’t have to manually build it yourself.

Let’s dive in!

What is Instagram Comment to DM Automation?

Instagram Comment to DM Automation allows you to send a DM to any user who comments on an Instagram post.

It’s a great way to boost your Instagram engagement, turn your Instagram followers into leads and get more sales.

The best part?

You are not limited to sending a single message, but you can create a complete Instagram Chat funnel.

Here’s why that’s way better than using traditional “landing pages” 👇

Why automatically reply to Instagram Comments?

Many Instagram accounts already have a Lead generation funnel, but they are using landing pages instead of Instagram chat funnels.

Because of this, they are missing out on thousands of leads. And here’s why.

So a normal Instagram lead funnel looks like this:

  1. You are promoting your lead magnet on your Instagram post and telling people should go to the link in bio, that’s your Instagram traffic
  2. When they click on that, they will go to your landing page
  3. And then eventually here, they will sign up for your lead magnet

Normal Lead Generation Funnel on Instagram

That’s a normal Instagram lead funnel, right?

The thing is that when we are sending our Instagram traffic to our link in bio, we already lose around 80% of our Instagram traffic, because most people don’t go to our link in bio.

And the people that actually come to our landing page, on average, only 10% converts. So that means only 10% leaves their name and email address to sign up for a lead magnet.

So if we start with 1000 people on Instagram, eventually only 200 people will come to our landing page. And only 20 people will actually sign up and become a lead:

Disappointing results of a normal Lead Generation Funnel on Instagram

And this funnel is also hurting your Instagram reach and engagement.

Because what you’re doing is that you are sending people away from the Instagram platform, which is not something that Instagram wants.

Instagram wants to make money. And they make money by showing ads to people.

But they can’t show ads if someone is not on the Instagram platform.

So as an account, if you can make sure that people are staying on the Instagram platform this will benefit your position in the Instagram algorithm.

And that’s exactly what we are going to do by using an Instagram Chat Funnel.

Instagram DM Comment Strategy

Instead of asking people to click our link in bio, we ask them to comment on our Instagram post with a specific word. So let’s say, we are sharing a free guide with our followers, we ask them to comment the word “GUIDE”.

Once they comment that word on our Instagram post, we can automatically reply with a comment in the comment section and start an Instagram DM Conversation.

And this is where the difference lies, so we are not sending them to a landing page, we are starting an Instagram DM Conversation.

Inside the Instagram DM, we can ask for the follower’s first name and email, and deliver our lead magnet as well:

Instagram Chat Funnel Structure

And by doing so, we can at least 10X our results.

Because instead of losing 80% of our traffic, we are keeping 100% of our Instagram traffic.

And when we are using Instagram Chat Funnels for our own clients, we see that easily 50% will sign up for your lead magnet once they enter the funnel:

Stats of an Instagram Chat Funnel

So if we are starting out with 1000 Instagram followers, we actually end up with 500 leads:

Results of an Instagram Chat Funnel

So in the previous situation we only had 20 people signing up for our lead magnet, and now we have 500 people signing up for our lead magnet.

Just by changing from a landing page to a DM Conversation.

And by using this strategy, we will also increase the engagement of our Instagram account.

Because when someone comments on your Instagram account, you get an extra comment on your post.

Then you automatically reply to that comment, which is also another comment on your post.

Then someone replies to your message in the Instagram DM, which is another touchpoint.

And eventually the user has an automated back-and-forth conversation, consisting of multiple messages, which are all touchpoints:

Engagement of an Instagram Chat Funnel

And these touchpoints let Instagram know that people like to engage with your Instagram account.

That will boost your position in the Instagram algorithm, expand your reach and increase your engagement again.

So now you know why we should use an Instagram Chat Funnel, let’s start with creating one.

And to create our chat funnel, we are going to use Manychat.

How to Set Up Comment to DM on Instagram

Automatically sending a DM when somebody comments on your Instagram post is really simple. Here’s how you can do it in 3 simple steps:

  1. Create a Manychat account and connect it to Instagram
  2. Add Auto Reply to Comments Trigger in Manychat
  3. Create your Instagram DM Automation

Step 1: Create a Manychat account and connect it to Instagram

Manychat is the chat automation platform I’ve been using for my own clients and the reason that we use them is because:

  1. Easy-to-use, even if you don’t have any experience with chat automation you can get started immediately
  2. 100% Meta-approved, so you can use them without the risk of getting banned
  3. Cheap, they offer a free plan and its Pro plan already starts at $15 a month

So you can just click on the button below to create your Manychat account:

Create ManyChat Account

Click on Get started free in the right upper corner:


And select Instagram and log in with your Instagram account:

Sign up with your Instagram account on Manychat

I actually have a separate video that explains all the steps you need to take to connect your Instagram account to Manychat. I highly recommend checking out this video to ensure you connect your account correctly.

Step 2: Add Auto Reply to Comments Trigger in Manychat

Once you have connected your Instagram account and are logged in to Manychat, you need to go to Automation and click on New Automation:

Add a New Automation in Manychat

The first step we need to do is add a trigger.

And the trigger is the event that will start our Manychat automation and thereby will start our Instagram DM conversation.

And in our case, that will be when someone will leave a comment on one of our Instagram posts.

So you can just click on New trigger:

Add a new trigger to a Manychat flow

And then select Instagram and choose for User comments on your Post or Reel:

Choose the "User comments on posts or reel" trigger in Manychat

And then here you can choose to what posts it should reply.

So here you can go with three options:

  1. A specific post or reel (and select the specific post)
  2. The next post or reel
  3. Or you can go with any post or reel

in general, I recommend going with any post or reel, because then you can just create one automation and just that over and over again.

Next, we need to decide to what words we want to reply.

So we can reply to any words, or we can reply to specific words.

Let’s say, we are a Fitness influencer and we are giving a free guide on building more muscle.

Then we can ask our Instagram followers to Comment “GUIDE” on our post.

And once they do that, that will start the conversation in the Instagram DM.

So we will add GUIDE here:

Automatically reply to any comment that contains "GUIDE"

And then we can determine our public auto-response.

And the public auto response is the reply comment that will be sent in the Comment Section.

Here you want to tell people that they need to go to their Instagram DM and you also want to excite them for the thing that they are going to get.

So we will add two variations and click on Create:

Can’t wait for you to grow more muscle, please check your DMs!

Let’s build more muscle together 💪, just sent you a DM!

Automatically reply with a comment on Instagram

And if you add multiple variations, Manychat will randomly pick one of your variations for each and every comments, so it doesn’t look spammy on Instagram.

Step 3: Create your Instagram DM Automation

So once we have set up the trigger, we can create the first message for our Instagram DM Automation.

And in this message, we want to confirm the user’s interest. So we will add:

Are you ready to gain more muscle and take your body to the next level?

Just click the button below and I’ll send over my free guide “8 Simple Exercises To Gain More Muscle” 💪

Confirm the interest of the user in Manychat

By the way, make sure this first message has “Send as Comment Reply” at the top, otherwise your automation will not work.

And then we can add a quick reply to this message.

And a quick reply is a button that will appear under this message. And once someone clicks on that button, they will go further inside the conversation.

So we can add a quick reply with: ✅ Yes, send it over! and connect that to the next message, so it looks like this:

Confirm User Interest with Quick Reply in Manychat

Then, we connect this quick reply to the next message in our automation where we will ask for the first name of the Instagram contact.

So we can say: Awesome, just a few quick steps to get you access! 

And then add a delay of 3 seconds:

Second message in Manychat flow

To collect information from the user, we need to use the User Input Element.

By using this element, we can ask a question to the user and store their answer in a Manychat field. And then we can use that data in the rest of our Manychat automations:

Add User input element to Manychat message

So we will ask “What is your first name?”, and the Reply Type will be be First Name, so that it will be stored in the First Name of the user profile of Manychat.

Add User Input to collect the first name of an Instagram user

And if you scroll down you need to delete the Skip button text, so that users cannot skip this question:

Remove the skip button text, so people cannot skip the question

And then we can connect this message to a new message block, where we immediately use that first name.

Connect to a new message block in Manychat

So then we say:

Nice to meet you, {{first_name}} 👋🏼

Greet user in Manychat after replying to a comment

And then as a next step, we will ask for their email address.

So we can add another message, use the User input element and ask:

And what email do you want your free guide sent to?

We will set the Reply Type to Email and we will save the email in the system field:

Set up User Input element for Email

And because we set the Reply Type to Email, Manychat will automatically check if the provided email is a valid email. If it is not a valid email, it will send the retry message, which you can determine if you scroll down:

Retry message in Manychat if a user does not fill in a correct email address

And again, don’t forget to remove the skip button text, so people cannot skip this question!

Once they gave their email address, we will give them the link to our free guide, so we can add a message with:

You’re all set, {{first_name}}!

Can’t wait for you to row your muscle using my 8 simple exercises 💪

Just click the button below to get instant access 👇

And then add a button with “💪 Access My Guide!” that links to a URL where they can find your lead magnet:

Deliver lead magnet in Manychat flow

And that’s it, by now you should have an automation that looks like this:

Complete Auto Reply to Instagram Comments Funnel

So the last step you need to do is click on Set Live on the top-right corner and everything is all set!

Your Free “Auto Reply to Instagram Comments” Template

As promised, here is my free Manychat template, so you don’t have to build this out yourself:

From Instagram Comments to Leads Template

What if Automatically Replying to Comments is not working?

If your Manychat automation is not working, it is mostly because of two reasons:

First, it can be that your Manychat account is not connected correctly to Instagram. To make sure you connected it correctly, follow all the steps in this Youtube video.

When you are sure you connected your Instagram account correctly, there is one another fix and that is Refreshing your permissions.

To do this, just go to Settings in ManyChat, select Instagram and click on Refresh permissions:

Refresh Instagram Permissions in Manychat

This will solve your problem almost any time.

Tips to Write Auto Reply Messages on Instagram

When you are automatically replying to comments on Instagram, you must use these best practices:

Align your Instagram Post with the DM Automation

You must align your Instagram Post with the DM Automation. So this means that if you are giving away a free ebook, your first message in the automation should be “Do you want to get the ebook?”

Then, your post is aligned with the DM Automation, which is good.

What I’ve often seen businesses doing is having misalignment between the post and the first message in Instagram DM.

For example, the post is about getting a free ebook and ten the first message is “Hey there! Do you want to get started?”. This is misalignment and it impacts the conversions that you will be getting from your Instagram Comments.

Excite your followers and tell them what they need to do

If someone comments on your Instagram post, you must reply with a comment. In that comment, you want to excite them and tell them what they need to do.

This automatic comment is probably the most important part of your chat funnel. Because if someone doesn’t go to their Instagram DM after commenting, it doesn’t matter what’s in the rest of your funnel.

Be straight to the point

The third tip is to be straight to the point. If your followers want an ebook, give the ebook. If they want a discount code, just give them the discount code.

The fewer steps someone has to take, the better.

Make it conversational

The last tip is to make it conversational. This means your messages should be:

  • Written in active voice
  • Using simple words. Often these words are one-syllable words.
  • Short. Every message should not exceed more than 300 characters

Now It’s Your Turn

And that’s how how automatically DM someone if they comment on one of your Instagram posts or reels, and turn them into a lead.

Now I would like to ask you a question:

What is the first Instagram Chat Funnel you are going to create?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Learn more about Instagram DM Automation

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I get the error “Mark this message as a “Comment Reply” if you want to send it as a reply to a post or reel comment”?

If you get this error when you publish your Manychat automation:

Mark this message as a "Comment Reply" if you want to send it as a reply to a post or reel comment error in Manychat

Then, you should change the first message in your Manychat automation.

When you click on the first message in your Manychat automation, it must be set to “Send as Comment Reply”:

Mark the first message in your Instagram Comment Reply Automation as "Send as Comment Reply"

When you do this, the error will disappear.

How do you automate comments on Instagram DM?

You can automate your comments on Instagram in 4 simple steps:

  1. Create a free Manychat account
  2. Connect your Instagram account to Manychat
  3. Set up your comment trigger
  4. Create the comment automation in Manychat

How do you set up an automatic comment reply on Instagram?

You can set up an automatic comment reply in 4 simple steps:

  1. Create a free Manychat account
  2. Connect your Instagram account to Manychat
  3. Set up your comment trigger to auto-reply to specific comments or any comments
  4. Create the comment automation in Manychat

Can you auto-comment on Instagram?

Yes, using tools like Manychat you can auto-comment when any user comments on an Instagram post.

What is the Instagram comment reply bot?

An Instagram Comment Reply Bot allows you to send an automatic comment and DM to any user who comments on an Instagram Post.

The comment and message are sent to the comment directly after the comment is published.

How do you reply to a comment on Instagram DM?

You can reply to a comment on Instagram DM in 4 simple steps:

  1. Create a free Manychat account
  2. Connect your Instagram account to Manychat
  3. Set up a comment trigger in Manychat to reply to specific words or any words
  4. Determine the public auto-response, which is the automatic comment reply on your post

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