My Page Got Blocked From Facebook! What Should I Do?

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My Page Got Blocked From Facebook! What Should I Do?

More and more pages are getting blocked from Facebook, because of the new Facebook policies.

So you are definitely not alone.

But sometimes pages aren’t breaking the rules and are still getting blocked.

So, what should you do when your Facebook Page gets blocked?

Quick recap of the new Facebook policy

So last year, Facebook introduced new policies for Facebook Messenger.

And this is basically how it works:

  1. Each time a user sends a message to a Page, a 24-hour window will open. Inside that 24-hour window, you are allowed to send any message to the user.
  2. After 24 hours, you can only send messages for four specific use cases (called the Message Tags) or use the One-Time Notification (ask permission to send a message in the future)

If you want more information on the new Facebook Policy and a free cheatsheet, you should check out this post.

So, now we understand the new Facebook policies, let’s see how we can “unblock” your page from Facebook.


Did you send anything outside the 24-hour window?

The most common mistake that is made, is that Facebook Pages are still sending messages outside the 24-hour window.

Especially Pages that already used some kind of chatbot before the introduction of the new policies.

For example, let’s say you would have the following sequence:


With this sequence, you send each message to the user after 1 day. Which means that the messages are outside the 24-hour window.

So, you are breaking the rules.

How can you fix this?

By simply changing “After 1 day” to “After 23 hours”, so the messages are inside the 24-hour window:


Important: Even with this new sequence you could be breaking the rules.

That you send a message to a user, doesn’t mean the user sends anything back.

And remember: The 24-hour window only opens when a user sends a message to you.

So, if the user doesn’t respond to the first message in your sequence, you are not allowed to send the second message in the sequence.

Therefore, I would suggest adding a condition to the second message, so you are 100% sure you are not breaking the rules:


Now, I want to ask you: Is there any message that could be sent outside the 24-hour window?

  • Any message in a sequence?
  • A broadcast that is sent out to users who did not interact with you in the last 24 hours?

If so, make sure that that message is sent inside the 24-hour window. So you won’t break any rules.


Did you send promotional content outside the 24-hour window with live chat?

With the new policy, you can send messages outside the 24-hour window.

But this is only for four specific use cases (also called Message Tags).

One of those Message Tags is the Human Agent.

With that tag, you can reply to any question within 7 days.

But you can only use it to reply to questions.

And some Pages are using it to promote their offerings outside the 24-hour window.

This is promotional content. Which is not allowed.

So, ask yourself: Did you only send answers to questions with your live chat? Or did you send any promotional content (outside the 24-hour window)?

If you did, you are breaking the rules. My advice: Stop with it.


What is your block rate?

If you didn’t do any of the above things, maybe you should the block rate of your Facebook Page.

The block rate is a percentage of how many people blocked your page or marked it as spam.

So, how can you check your block rate?

Go to your Facebook Page –> Insights –> Messages, then you should see this:


Set the calendar range to “Last 28 days” and you should see the block rate in the middle.

A high block rate is anything over 3%, so you really need to stay under it. But you should definitely stay under 8%.


Contact Facebook

If you performed all the steps above and you didn’t violate any rules, you should contact Facebook.

The best advice is to stay calm and polite. Just ask for a clarification on why your Facebook Page got blocked and how this can be resolved.



These are the most common reasons why your Facebook Page got blocked and how you can resolve them.

Now I have some questions for you:

Did your Facebook Page ever got blocked? And why?

And how did you resolve it?

Please leave a comment right below.

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  1. My van Wyk

    I just wanted to know why my Facebook messager has been blocked, I did not violate the Facebook rules but I cannot access my message page. Please help me and unblock it. Thank you

    1. Joren Wouters

      Hey Margaret! Is it possible for you to send an email with more details to Such as, what is the reason for your block (according to Facebook) and the name of your Facebook page?

  2. inne

    How does one contact facebook? I’ve been searching for days with no succes. Our page is blocked, but we’ve had a message it’s not in violation of the guidelines. But it’s still blocked! Any help is greatly apriciated!

    1. Joren Wouters

      Hey Inne! When you Page gets blocked, you get an option to object to the violation inside your Facebook Page settings.

  3. Chua

    Hi, my business page has been unpublished earlier. It’s later then republished, ad account is back to normal. However we can’t create new post anymore.
    We have no other ways to contact facebook/meta, do you have any suggestion? Thanks.

    1. Joren Wouters

      Unfortunately not… All you can do is contact Facebook/Meta when this happens.

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