Most Searched Chatbot Brands Worldwide in 2019

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There are hundreds of chatbot software brands out there and it seems like every day there are coming more.

But which chatbot software brands are the biggest?

To figure this out, I looked at how many times each chatbot software brand is Googled in 2019. In total, I analyzed 116 chatbot software brands and 189 different countries. 

The results are shown in the following world-map (there is also a higher-resolution version):

The big winner: ManyChat

ManyChat is the most searched chatbot software brand worldwide in 2019. They were the winner in 46 different countries and every month the brand is searched 160.920 times.


The world is dominated by 6 chatbot brands

The whole world is primarily dominated by 6 chatbot software brands:

  • ManyChat (winner in 46 countries)
  • IBM Watson (winner in 36 countries)
  • Chatfuel (winner in 22 countries)
  • DialogFlow (winner in 3 countries)
  • Liveperson (winner in one country)
  • Gupshup (winner in one country)

Top 10 chatbot brands worldwide

The ten biggest chatbot software brands make up for 557.584 Google searches each month:

  1. ManyChat with 160.920 monthly searches
  2. IBM Watson with 151.640 monthly searches
  3. Chatfuel with 114.330 monthly searches
  4. DialogFlow with 65.545 monthly searches
  5. Liveperson with 17.354 monthly searches
  6. Gupshup with 13.605 monthly searches
  7. Tidio with 11.960 monthly searches
  8. Microsoft Bot Framework with 8.975 monthly searches
  9. Conversica with 6.955 monthly searches
  10. Botsify with 6.280 monthly searches

Top 25 chatbot software brands

The following table will show you the total monthly searches for the top 25 chatbot software brands:

Chatbot software brandMonthly searches
IBM Watson151.640
Microsoft Bot Framework8975
Mobile monkey4415
Flow XO2895
Azure Bot Service1660
Motion AI1310

Some remarks

  • A “winner” is a chatbot software brand with the most monthly searches per country, with at least 50 monthly searches.
  • “No winner” means that there was not one chatbot software brand with at least 50 monthly searches in that country.
  • “No data” means that there was no data for that specific country.
  • For Russia, we combined the results of Google and Yandex (Russian search engine)
  • For South Korea, we combined the results of Google with Daum & Naver (used search engines in South Korea)
  • For the Czech Republic, we combined the results of Google with Zesnam (used search engine in the Czech Republic)
  • For this research I made use of Ahrefs (one of the most used and advanced search engine tools in the world)
  • For IBM Watson I analyzed the keyword “ibm watson”. The reason for this is because people say when they develop a chatbot, they made it with “IBM Watson”. IBM Watson does on the other hand relate to many more technologies than only NLP technology.

Note: If you want the actual data, you can find a CSV file here.

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