How To Connect a Facebook Ad to ManyChat in 2023

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In this tutorial, I will explain how you can connect a Facebook Ad to ManyChat.

I will show you how:

  • To set the right campaign objective for your Facebook Ad
  • You can connect that Facebook Ad to ManyChat
  • And how to do this if you are living in Europe

Let’s dive in!


A quick note on Europe regulations

Because there are some regulations inside Europe, the way on how you can connect a Facebook ad to ManyChat differs whether you are living inside Europe or outside Europe.

So, that’s why I am first going to show you how you can connect a Facebook ad to ManyChat if you are living outside Europe and then I will tell you how you can do it if you are living inside Europe.

Let’s start by creating it if you are living outside Europe.


How to Connect a Facebook Ad to ManyChat (Outside Europe)

The first thing that you need to do, is go to Facebook Ads Manager.

Here, we can create a new campaign by clicking on Create:


Then, we need to choose the Campaign Objective of the ad. In this case, we will go with the Messages objective and click on Continue:


Because we want to send messages after someone has seen our ad, you need to go with the Messages objective.

Once you’ve created the campaign, you can type in a Campaign Name and click on Next:


NOTE: In this tutorial, I will not show you the best way on how to create a Facebook Ad. There are way better people on creating Facebook Ads, so this tutorial will just show you how you can connect it to ManyChat.

On the next page, you will see the Message Destination. And you want to have the Message Destination on Messenger and you want the drop-down on Click-To-Messenger:


Also, on this page, you can set your budget and the schedule of your ad. Again, I am not going to show that in this tutorial, but just know that you need to fill in that information.

Then, you need to select the right Facebook Page, for me that’s Chatimize:


And then you need to scroll down until you see Message template. Here, you need to select the Advanced Setup and click on Edit:


Then you will see some JSON code that we need to change:


This is where ManyChat comes in. So let’s head over to ManyChat:

Go to ManyChat

Go to Automation and click on New Flow:


Choose Start from Scratch:


And you can rename the flow of your chatbot. So in this case, we will call it “Connect Facebook Ad – Outside Europe”:


Then, we will create the first message of our flow. Most of the time, a Facebook Message is already shown, but otherwise you can just drag from the First Step and add the Facebook Message yourself, so that it looks like this:


When you click on the Facebook block, you can determine the contents of the message. What is really important here is that you do not set any Content-Type. You just need to leave it as it is.

Also, the first message is extremely important. What is important here is that you cannot use any personalization in the first message. Usually, you would use the first name of the user in this message, but you cannot do that.

In general, I recommend to determine a message (without any personalization) and add one button or one quick reply.

So for example, we can say (and you can just type this in):

We cannot wait to give access yo our Black Friday Sale!
Click the button below to get access! 👇


Then, we will add a quick reply by clicking on Quick Reply (as you can see above) and you can just type in “Get access”:


Of course, we need to connect this quick reply to another message. You can do this by simply dragging it and clicking on Messenger:


The Content-Type of the next message must be Other (really important!) and you can add some text to the message:


So that will be the content of the flow when someone clicks on your Facebook Ad. But to connect it to a Facebook ad, you need a trigger.

At the Starting Step of the flow, click on Add trigger:


In the pop-up, search for “Facebook” and select the Facebook Ads JSON trigger:


Then, you need to publish your flow (in the top-right), and refresh the page:


If we click on the Facebook Ads JSON trigger again, it will show some JSON code. And this is the JSON code that we need to add to our Facebook Ad.

Just click on Copy to clipboard:


And paste it inside your Facebook Ad:


As you can see on the image above, Facebook Adsmanager will also show you a preview of the message on the right.

And that’s it! If you publish your Facebook Ad now, it will be connected to a ManyChat flow!

But again, this only works if you are living outside Europe. So now I will show you how you can do this if you are living in Europe.


How to Connect a FB Ad to ManyChat (In Europe)

Again, go to Facebook Ads Manager and create a new campaign:


Then, you need to choose Traffic as your Campaign Objective and click on Continue:


Just give a simple name to your campaign, such as “Connect Facebook Ad to ManyChat – Inside Europe” and click on Next:


Here, you need to set the Traffic to Messenger and click on Next again:


Just like before, choose the right Facebook Page of your Facebook Ad:


Then, you need to scroll down to “Message template”, check the Start Conversations and click on Edit:


And then here, we have a greeting and you can set customer actions.

The greeting is the actual message we send in Messenger when someone clicks on your ad. And the best part about this greeting is that we can use some personalization, such as using the First Name of the user.

So, we set the greeting to:

[First-name], we cannot wait to give you access to our Black Friday sale!
Click the button below to get access!


And then we set the Customer Actions to “Quick Replies” and create one quick reply with “Get Access”:


You need to copy the content of your quick reply (the “Get access” part) and click on Save and Finish.

Now, head over to ManyChat and create a New flow:


Click on Start From Scratch:


And the Starting Step of the flow will be a Facebook Keyword. So just click on Add trigger:


Search for “facebook” and select the Facebook Keyword:


Then paste the “Get access” part we copied before and click on Create:


And lastly, connect this Starting Step to a Facebook Message with the contents of your flow:


Also, make sure that this message has the “Other” Content-Type, otherwise you will not be compliant with the Facebook rules:


If you publish your ad and publish your ManyChat flow, your Facebook Ad is connected to ManyChat!


Now It’s Your Turn

And that’s it! That’s how you connect a Facebook Ad to ManyChat, both if you are living outside Europe and inside Europe.

If you have any questions on connecting Facebook Ads to ManyChat, please leave a comment below and I will reply as soon as possible.

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