Most Popular Chatbot Builders in 2020

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There are hundreds of chatbot builders and it seems like every day a new one is popping up.

But which chatbot builders are the most popular ones?

To figure this out, I looked at how many times each chatbot builder is Googled in 2020. In total, I analyzed 178 chatbot builders across 189 countries.

And here are the results:

The winner: ManyChat

For the second year in a row, is ManyChat the winner.

They were the winner in 72 countries all over the world. And every month, ManyChat is searched 318,930 times.


5 most popular chatbot builders in 2020 (by Google Search volume)

The 5 most popular chatbot builders make up for 522,410 Google searches each month:


5 most popular chatbot builders in 2020 (by Country)

And these are the most popular chatbot builders if we look at the number of countries they were the winner:


Top 50 Chatbot builders in 2020

This table will show you the top 50 chatbot builders with their monthly searches across the world:

Chatbot software Total
ManyChat 318930
DialogFlow 82640
Chatfuel 79130
MobileMonkey 21100
Haptik 20610
Infobip 20070
Liveperson 16680
Tidio 15470
EZ Texting 12290
Gupshup 11290
Microsoft Bot Framework 9430
Cliengo 6770
Amazon Lex 6560
Yellow Messenger 5730
Instabot 4470
Conversica 4440
Landbot 3380
Spectrm 2740
Flashchat 2680
Unibot 2610
Botsify 2500
Userlike 2270
Imimobile 2070
Botmother 2060 2050
Flow XO 1950
Pandorabots 1940
Aivo 1740
Conversocial 1670
Recart 1620
Botkit 1480
Bold360 1090
Trengo 1050
Chatmatic 1030
Botnation AI 1020
Quriobot 1020
AskHR 1000
IBM Watson Assistant 1000 970
Userbot 960
Snatchbot 930
KLoBot 920
Botpress 900 900
Re:amaze 850
Avaamo 720
Activechat 710
Whisbi 710
Engati 700
Octane AI 680

What do you think?

Now I have a question for you: What do you think?

Do you think the Google searches reflect the popularity of chatbots?

And maybe even the user base of the different chatbot builders?

Let me know by leaving a comment below!

P.S. If you have questions about the research or want access to the raw data, I have prepared a file for you here.

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  1. Oisin Muldowney

    More interesting and helpful would be to research which are actually the most popular chatbot platforms and why. All you are highlighting here is brand recognition. For example, when I search for ‘best chatbot platform’ I get a completely different result. And if I use G2, say, which is not paid-for promotional content, I get another set of results.

    1. Joren Wouters

      I agree. But currently, that is not possible. To determine which chatbot builders are the most popular, we need to know the number of users on every chatbot builder. But not all chatbot builders are willing to give that information. So, I think the number of Google searches is the next best objective measure we can use.

  2. Jocelin

    Belize also uses Manychat 🙂

    1. Joren Wouters

      Good to know! 🙂

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