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In the ever-evolving marketing landscape, speed, and efficiency are crucial to stay ahead of the competition. One tool that excels in streamlining marketing efforts is SendPulse. It’s an advanced chatbot automation tool that allows you to build multi-channel chatbots. But should you use it to create chat automations?

In this Sendpulse review, I cover the Sendpulse chatbot’s features, pros and cons. I also dive in the pricing structure and when you should use Sendpulse to create chat automations.

Let’s get started!

Our Verdict

Our Verdict

The Sendpulse Chatbot platform is great when you want to get started with chatbots on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram or Viber.

It has a user-friendly interface and flow builder, making it easy to create your first chat automations without any code.

Sendpulse offers both free and paid plans, starting at €8 per month.


  • Easy-to-use Flow Builder
  • Unlimited Custom Fields
  • Integrates with Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Website, Viber
  • Signup widgets on your website
  • Send Broadcasts to start conversations
  • Built-in Live Chat + Make integration


  • Only Facebook-like website widget
  • Limited marketing possibilities on Facebook
  • Minimal analytics
Go to Sendpulse
Plans cost
€8 to €270
Introductory offer
Free plan with basic features
Standout features
Flow Builder, Omnichannel, Signup widgets

Using the Sendpulse Flow Builder

When you log in at Sendpulse, you have several tabs where you can control your chatbots from:

  1. Main, this is the main dashboard in Sendpulse showing you statistics of your bots
  2. Conversations, the live chat in Sendpulse
  3. My campaigns, you can set up broadcasts from here
  4. My Bots, you can create new bots in this section and set up your chat automation flows
  5. Templates, overview of the templates that Sendpulse has
  6. Signup widgets, you can use these to add widgets to your website
  7. Pricing plans, an overview of all the pricing plans of Sendpulse

The Sendpulse dashboard after you log in

Right after you sign up, Sendpulse also gives a step-by-step tour of the platform. With this tour, you get introduced to the features of the platform and it gives you hands-on instructions on where to get started:

Platform tour in Sendpulse with hands-on instruction to get started

In Sendpulse, you need to create a separate chatbot per channel. When creating your chatbot flows, Sendpulse provides a flow builder.

By using the Flow builder, you can set up one or multiple triggers, and can determine the content of the flow by using blocks:

Flow Builder in Sendpulse

Adding blocks to your flow is pretty simple. You can just click on a block in the left menu and drag it on the canvas.

Sendpulse provides 8 blocks that you can use in your chatbot flows:

  • Message, for sending messages to user and asking for input
  • Flow, for starting another flow
  • Action, for performing actions during your flow. For example, updating fields to new values, adding tags or sending the chat to live chat
  • Filter, so you can personalize conversations by using “if-then” logic
  • API Request, if you want to perform an API call to another application
  • Pause, so you can delay the chatbot flow for a certain amount of time
  • Random, if you want to randomly assign people to a path in your chatbot flow (for A/B testing)

When creating your chat flows, Sendpulse also keeps track of the change history. So if you made a change and you want to reverse to a previous version, you can do so with a single click:

Change history of your chatbot flows in Sendpulse

Additionally, Sendpulse has an Order button that automatically arranges the blocks in your chatbot flow:

Order button to automatically arrange blocks in Sendpulse

Moreover, when you save your chat flow, you can send it to yourself on a specific channel (e.g. Telegram) so you can test it out:

Send a chatbot flow to yourself so you can test it, with Sendpulse

One drawback of the Sendpulse interface is that you cannot preview your chat flow before publishing it. So you would always need to save it first (and your change is live), and then you can send it to yourself. For new chatbots, this is not a problem. However, it is a disadvantage if you have an existing chatbot and want to make changes to existing flows.

While I think other platforms on the market have a smoother interface, the Sendpulse interface is still very easy to use and you can create your first chatbot pretty fast.

Visual Flow Builder
Create chatbot dialogs with a visual flow builder.
Test chatbot
Is it possible to test the chatbot before putting your new flows or changes live?
Easy to use?
Is the chatbot platform easy-to-use?
Easy to setup a chatbot?
Is it easy to set up your chatbot with this chatbot platform?

Chatbot Elements

Sendpulse offers all the elements to create interactive chatbots. In addition to text-based messages, Sendpulse allows you to use images, videos and audio to your chatbots. There are two important elements I would like to point out:

Filter: This element is essential for logic in your chat automations. By using a Filter, you can tailor each conversation to individual contacts, which improves the user experience of your chatbot.

Flow: This element is a must for scalability. It allows you to start another flow within your Sendpulse chatbot. Because of this, you don’t have to copy and paste duplicate content, but can just reference other flows.

Use delays between messages in your chatbot
Can you send images via your chatbot?
Can you send video via your chatbot?
Can you send audio via your chatbot?
Can you send attachments via your chatbot?
Gallery (Horizontal List)
Show a gallery of cards inside your chatbot. A card consists of an image, title, subtitle and button.
Vertical List
Show a vertical list of items inside your chatbot
Can you use emojis inside your chatbot?
Persistent menu
Can you add a persistent menu to your chatbot?
Quick replies
Can you add quick replies to your chatbot where users can click on?
Can you add buttons to your chatbot where users can click on?
User Input
Can chatbot users freely type text to your chatbot whenever they want to?
Location Sharing
Can users share their location inside the chatbot?
Email validation
When a chatbot user gives their email, can the platform validate it's a correct email address?
Phone number validation
When a chatbot user gives their phone number, can the platform validate it's a correct phone number?
Date validation
When a chatbot user gives a date, can the platform validate it's a correct date?


In the Conversations overview in Sendpulse, you see all the conversations of your chatbots. For each conversation, you can see the user’s name, picture and entire conversation history:

In Sendpulse, you can create unlimited variables and tags. Variables can be used to capture information, such as name and email. Tags are used to classify your users in buckets, such as “Lead” or “Customer”.

Custom field
Store information from your chatbot users inside fields. For example, you can ask for someone's email and store it inside the "email" custom field.
Add tags to users in your chatbot flows to organize and categorize contacts.
User Segments
Can you create user segments based on custom fields and tags?

Sending Campaigns with Sendpulse

In addition to chat automations, you can also start conversations with your contacts.

In Sendpulse, you can do this by sending Campaigns. Campaigns are mass messages to your contacts on a specific channel (like Telegram). You can compare it with sending an email newsletter.

When you send a campaign, you can determine to whom you will send based on their activity, variables and tags:

Creating campaigns in Sendpulse

Then, you can connect this campaign to one of your chatbot flows, a URL, or a payment.

Moreover, with Sendpulse it is possible to make a chatbot in any language. But it is not easy to translate your chatbot, because you need to manually duplicate and translate all of its content.

Send a message to all or a part of your chatbot users at a specific date and time
Send messages on a pre-defined schedule with a certain time interval between those messages
Make checks in your chatbot flow based on if-then logic. For example, if the user has not given their email, ask for their email.
Multiple languages
Is it possible to create a chatbot in multiple languages?
Easy to translate
Can you translate text to other languages without using a third-party platform and without creating duplicate flows?


The AI & NLP features of Sendpulse are pretty limited.

In Sendpulse, you can only automatically reply to certain keywords in messages:

Keyword trigger in Sendpulse

With this feature, you can automatically reply to questions from users. But Sendpulse doesn’t have any other built-in AI tools.

Trigger chatbot flow based on certain words or phrases a user says to the chatbot.
Trigger a chatbot flow by understanding the intent of the user.
Capture specific information from sentences. For example, if a user says "veggie pizza", the chatbot can understand it's not a regular pizza, but a veggie pizza.
Does the chatbot platform provide a direct integration with Google's AI Platform?


With Sendpulse, you can create chatbots on:

  • Your website
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Instagram
  • Telegram
  • Viber

Integrating with these channels is pretty smooth. You can just log in with your social account and connect Sendpulse to the channel.

Can you publish your chatbot on your website?
Can you publish your chatbot on Facebook?
Can you publish your chatbot on Instagram?
Can you publish your chatbot on WhatsApp?
Can you publish your chatbot on Telegram?
Can you publish your chatbot on SMS?
Can you publish your chatbot on Slack?
Can you publish your chatbot on Skype?
Can you publish your chatbot on email?
Merge contacts across channels
Can you merge contacts across channels, when the same person contacts you over multiple channels?


Sendpulse has a built-in live chat that allows you to hand over a conversation to a human agent. In the Live Chat, you have one unified inbox for all social media platforms and channels:

In addition to the Desktop version, Sendpulse also has an iOS and Android app, allowing you to talk to customers on your mobile phone.

Moreover, Sendpulse has a direct integration with Make (formerly called Integromat) so you can easily connect it with other applications, without using any code.

If you want to get techy, you can also connect with the Sendpulse API or get notified about events in the Sendpulse platform by enabling webhooks.

Livechat integration
Direct integration with live chat, either via a built-in live chat functionality or a third-party live chat platform.
Direct integration with Zapier, one of the largest integration platforms in the world.
Direct integration with Make (formerly Integromat), one of the largest integration platforms in the world.
Google sheets
Direct integration with Google Sheets, to store or retrieve data from sheets.
Make API Calls
Can you call an API inside your chatbot flow to send or get data from other applications?


Next to keyword triggers, Sendpulse also has other marketing possibilities to drive contacts to your chat automations.

First of all, Sendpulse provides Signup Widgets that you can add to your website. These are website bars, floating pop-ups, embedded chatbots and buttons that you can add to your website:

Signup widgets of Sendpulse that you cadd to your website

Likewise, you can also add a Facebook chat widget to your website:

Facebook chat widget of Sendpulse

These are great ways to drive users from your website to your chat funnels. The only drawback is that you cannot specify specific messages per URL and you cannot send proactive messages with the chat widget.

In addition to your website, you can also automatically reply to comments on Instagram:

Start an automation with Sendpulse when somebody comments on your Instagram post
Source: Sendpulse

And start an automation when somebody mentions you in their Instagram story:

Start an automation with Sendpulse when someone mentions you in your Instagram story
Source: Sendpulse

On Facebook, Sendpulse provides less possibilities. You can only start a chat automation with the Ref URL. Unfortunately, it is not possible to automatically reply to comments, send One-Time Notifications, connect Facebook Ads, or send Marketing Messages.

Especially the One-Time Notification and Marketing Messages are huge drawbacks, because this basically means you can only send broadcasts to users who are in the 24-hour window.

Moreover, you can create your own WhatsApp Message Templates and send them on WhatsApp.

And on Telegram, you can add your Telegram bot to a group or channel. When you’ve added your bot, you can automatically send messages to people that enter the group and can block them if they do things you don’t want. Additionally, you can create posts in your Telegram group and channel and send these with your bot.

Facebook website widget
Embed your chatbot as a Facebook Widget on your website.
Native website widget
Embed your chatbot as a native widget (your own branding & colors) on your website.
Landing pages
Can you create a simple landing page to drive users to your chatbot?
Facebook Ref URL
Can you create a URL that goes to a specific flow inside your Facebook chatbot?
One-Time Notification
Send one-time notifications via Facebook Messenger for a topic that a chatbot user has opted-in for
Facebook Ads
Start a conversation with your chatbot when someone clicks on a Facebook Ad
Button creator
Add a button to your website to drive users to your chatbot
Custom URLs
Generate a simple URL that can be shared anywhere to send users to your chatbot

Sendpulse Chatbot Pricing

Sendpulse offers a free plan with basic features, and a Pro plan that starts at €8 per month.

Free Plan

With the Sendpulse Free plan, you can get started with the basic features. This plan gives you 3 chatbots, up to 10,000 messages per month, 10 variables and 10 chatbot triggers:

Free plan of Sendpulse

Pro Plan

Sendpulse’s Pro Plan gives you access to all the features of the plan.

This plan starts at €8 per month and increases with the number of subscribers that you have. For example, 2K subscribers cost €14.40 per month and 10K subscribers equals €48:

Pro plan in Sendpulse that increases with the number of subscribers that you have

Free trial
Does the chatbot platform provide a free trial?
Free plan
Does the chatbot platform provide a free plan?
Price per month
What is the lowest price per month for creating a chatbot on this platform?
Monthly pricing available?
Is it possible to pay monthly?
Money back guarantee
Is there a money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the platform?

Sendpulse Bot Statistics

Analytics are a crucial aspect of any chat automations tool. Unfortunately, Sendpulse’s analytics are limited.

Per chatbot, you get a basic dashboard showing the number of subscribers, the number of messages, the number of incoming messages and the number of sessions:

Bot statistics in Sendpulse

Additionally, you can see per chatbot flow and block the number of users it was sent to and how many read it:

Chat flow analytics in Sendpulse

These analytics provide too little information about your chat automations and is not enough to improve your chatbot.

Dashboard that provides general analytics of your chatbot.
Flow analytics
Can you analyze how users are going through your chatbot flows?
User input
Get the input from users that your chatbot didn't understand.
Sent messages
The number of messages that were sent by your chatbot.
Open rate
The percentage of chatbot users that opened a message inside your chatbot.
Click rate
The percentage of chatbot users that click on a button inside your chatbot.
Conversion rate
The percentage of users that converted through your chatbot. For example, the percentage of users that gave their email address
Fall back rate
The percentage of interactions where the chatbot did not know an answer to a question.
Custom dashboards/reports
Can you create your own dashboard or reports?


Sendpulse has direct integrations with several payment providers:

List of payment providers Sendpulse integrates with

When you connect with one of these payment providers, you can add a payment button to your chatbot. This enables your customers to make purchases directly from within your chatbot.

Collect payments inside your chatbot
Direct integration with Shopify to get products, order information and cart data.
Direct integration with WooCommerce to get products, order information and cart data.
Buy directly within chatbot
Ability for chatbot users to buy products or services directly from a chatbot
Cart abandonment
Trigger messages in the chatbot when a user abandons their cart on a website or inside the chatbot

Sendpulse Chatbot flow templates

Sendpulse provides 21 templates that you can use to get started fast with building your chat flows:

Chatbot flow templates in Sendpulse

Unfortunately, it is not possible to create these templates yourself and share them with others.

On the other hand, it is possible to duplicate your chatbot flows (for the same channel) and chatbot elements with one simple click.

Number of templates
How many pre-built templates does the chatbot platform provide?
Make template
Can you make templates yourself?
Share template
Can you share self-created templates with others?
Duplicate chatbot flows
Is it possible to duplicate chatbot flows, so you can easily reuse them?
Duplicate chatbot elements
Is it possible to duplicate chatbot elements, so you can easily reuse them?


With the Random element in Sendpulse, you can randomly assign users to a path in your chatbot flow. This means you can perform A/B tests within your chatbot flows:

Random Choice elemtent in Sendpulse that you can use for A/B Testing

A/B Testing
Can you optimize your chatbot flows by performing A/B tests?


Sendpulse provides a lot of documentation on how you can use their chatbot platform. That being said, you need to search thoroughly to find what you need. Because Sendpulse also provides other platforms (like an email marketing platform) you often find articles that are not related to the chatbot platform.

Moreover, Sendpulse offers 24/7 support over the phone in 7 different countries and over email.

Does the chatbot platform provide tutorials on how to use its platform?
Does the chatbot platform provide documentation on how to use its platform?
Customer support
Does the chatbot platform provide customer support?


So, should you consider Sendpulse when looking for a chatbot platform?

Yes, I think you should.

Go to Sendpulse

Based on my experience, I would recommend this chatbot platform for small businesses. I think it’s great when you want to get started with chatbots on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram or Viber. The flow builder is user-friendly and you can create your chat automations without any code.

Additionally, I would also recommend it when you want to create a bot for a Telegram Group. With Sendpulse, you can automatically send messages when people join the group and automatically block them if needed.

However, it may not be the best fit for medium-to-large businesses that need a more flexible and customizable chatbot solution.

With that said, before you choose SendPulse, here are some downsides that you should consider.

  1. You can only add Facebook-like widgets to your website
  2. Limited marketing possibilities on Facebook
  3. The analytics are not sufficient to improve your chatbot flows

Ultimately, the decision of which chatbot builder to use depends on your business’s specific needs. If SendPulse meets your needs and doesn’t leave much to be desired, then go for it.

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