How to Create Shopify Abandoned Cart Reminder in ManyChat

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In this tutorial, I will explain how you can create an abandoned cart reminder for your Shopify Webshop in Facebook Messenger.

And we are going to create it by using ManyChat.

I will show you:

  • How you can convince a user to opt-in to your Messenger chatbot
  • How to automatically add a coupon to someone’s cart when clicking a ManyChat button
  • How to send an automatic abandoned cart reminder in Facebook Messenger

Let’s dive in!


How does an Abandoned Cart Reminder work?

When someone adds a product to their cart on your Shopify webshop and then goes away from your webshop, you can automatically send them a reminder.


The chatbot strategy

If we want to send an abandoned cart reminder inside Facebook Messenger, we first need users to opt-in to our Messenger chatbot. To do that, we will show them a pop-up with a 10% discount on our website.

When somebody clicks on that pop-up, they will directly go to Facebook Messenger where they will get the 10% discount.

And finally, when the user adds something to their cart and forgets to make an order, we can automatically send a reminder with our Messenger chatbot.



Connect Shopify to ManyChat

Before we can create our abandoned cart reminder, we first need to connect Shopify to ManyChat.

And if you haven’t used ManyChat before, just click the button below and create your own ManyChat account.

Create ManyChat account

If you want to use the Shopify integration of ManyChat, you need to with the Pro plan, which only costs $15 per month for 500 subscribers.

Then, if you go to the Settings in ManyChat, click on Integrations, you need to fill in your Shopify domain and click on Connect Shopify Account:


By the way, this is just the URL of your Shopify webshop when you go to the home page. 

When you have clicked the button, you will automatically go to Shopify and here you need to click on Install unlisted app:


And now Shopify is connected to ManyChat!

Once you’ve done this, a pop-up automatically appears that asks if you want to install the pre-built templates.

And we want to do this because this will actually save us a lot of time, so just click on Get my templates:


By the way, if the pop-up with the templates is not showing up, you can also install it from here.


Create Website Messenger Modal in ManyChat

Now that we’ve successfully connected Shopify to ManyChat, we will start by creating the pop-up on our Shopify webshop.

And in ManyChat, this website pop-up is actually called a Messenger Modal.

So just go to the folder with the installed templates (it is called “Shopify Abandoned Cart”) and click on Shopify Add to cart Popup for opt-ins:


And then choose for Edit flow in the upper-right corner:


Here we need to change two things:

  1. Now, this pop-up opens up when somebody adds something to their cart. But, we want it to open up before they add something to their cart after a few seconds.
  2. Also, we need to change the text inside this flow

Let’s start with changing the pop-up.

So, you can just click on Messenger Modal:


Then click on it again:


And then click on Show Preview:


Now you can see the preview of how the pop-up would appear on your Shopify webshop. And we want to change the title, text and button of the pop-up.

So, you can just click on the title and text, and we will change:

  • The title to “Do you want 10% discount on your first order?”
  • The text to “Click the button below to get 10% discount on your first order.”

And we will change the button text to “Receive this in Messenger”:


P.S. I generally recommend setting the button text to “Receive this in Messenger”, so users know that they are going to Facebook Messenger instead of staying on your website. This will avoid confusion with your website visitors.

When you’ve done this, the pop-up should look like this:


Then, on the left-hand side, you can set different settings for customization. For example, you can change the colors of the font, the background of the button and the button size. In this tutorial, I will just use the default settings, but just know that you can change all those settings.

Also, we need to change when the pop-up displays. Now it displays when someone clicks on the add to cart button. But I generally do not recommend doing this, because you need to give users a reason to add something to their cart.

So, you need to show it before they add something to their cart. You can just select Seconds have passed and set the number of seconds to 30 seconds:


Also, when somebody saw the widget or manually closed the widget, I recommend never showing it again. So, both set these settings to Never:


Now, you can just click on Next, and here you will find the submitted state:


This is how the pop-up appears when somebody clicked on the button. I will leave this by default, but just now that you can also change the settings here just as we did before. Now click on Next.

Then, we can select on which pages we want to show or hide our website pop-up. So if you only want to show it on specific pages, just fill in the URLs under “Only show on these pages”:


When you’ve done this, you can just hit Activate & Check. And now the pop-up should appear on your Shopify webshop after 30 seconds!


Automatically add a Coupon to the Shopify Cart

Now, we need to edit the text of our Messenger chatbot when somebody clicks on the pop-up. So, you can just click on the Messages, set the Content type to Other and the following text:

Hey {first_name}!

Click on the button below to get your 10% discount 👇

(This coupon is automatically added to your shopping cart, so you don’t have to do anything 😉)


But how do we automatically add the coupon to the cart? You can do it by clicking on the % icon:


Then, give the Campaign Name “COUPON10” and set the Coupon Type to “Static Coupon”:


Fill in a Discount Value of 10, set the Discount Type to “Percentage”, fill in “COUPON10” under Static Coupon and click on Create Campaign:


What we then do, is adding a button with the button title “Shop with 10% off”, set it to Open website and set the website address to https://[shopify-domain]/discount/[discount-code]:


This is really useful because it will automatically add the coupon code to someone’s cart. Now, users don’t need to manually fill in the coupon code, which will increase the conversion of your webshop.

Lastly, just click on Publish in the upper-right corner.


Set up Shopify Abandoned Cart Reminder in ManyChat

The next step is to set up the abandoned cart reminder in ManyChat.

So go back to Flows, choose the Shopify Abandoned Cart folder and select Shopify 1st Abandoned Cart Reminder:


So, the first thing that is important here is the trigger. I generally recommend setting the trigger at one hour, but it must be at a minimum of 5 minutes:


By the way, be sure that you send the abandoned cart reminder within the 24-hour window, otherwise, you can be blocked by Facebook. If you don’t know what the 24-hour window is, check out this post here.

Then, you need to click on the Facebook Message, set the Content type to Other, and we can add something to the copy:

P.S. Don’t forget to use your discount code: COUPON10 😉


Also, we can add an icon to the button that goes to your checkout, which will increase the conversion of your flow:


Now, just hit Publish (in the upper-right corner) and don’t forget to activate the Abandoned Cart Trigger:


And that’s it, your Shopify Abandoned Cart Reminder should be working!


Should you send a Second Abandoned Cart Reminder?

You could also send a second abandoned cart reminder.

On the one hand, you could do this. But on the other hand, sometimes people think of this as being too pushy.

So it all depends on your audience. And if it’s not the right fit for your audience, I would not recommend doing it.

But, if you also want to also send a second abandoned cart reminder, I recommend sending the first reminder after one hour and sending the second reminder after 8 hours.


Now It’s Your Turn

Now, if someone opted-in for your Messenger chatbot, added something to their cart and forgot to make a purchase, automatically a reminder in Facebook Messenger is sent after 30 minutes.

Now I have a question for you:

Do you already use the integration between ManyChat and Shopify?

And if yes, what results are you getting with this?

Please let me know by leaving a comment below.


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